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Warisan breeding millionaires through agriculture

0 month ago, 15-Sep-2020

Junz with operators of the Sabah Golden Melon fertigation farm.

KOTA KINABALU: If Umno/BN can breed millionaires, Warisan breeds millionaires too, said Warisan vice president Datuk Junz Wong.

“The only difference is, Umno/BN’s millionaires are kataks (frogs) and cronies. Warisan’s millionaires meanwhile, are everyday Sabahans and farmers,” he said in a statement yesterday.

In explaining how income of Sabahans could be lifted, he said the proof is at the Mesilou Permanent Food Production Park (TKPM) and the Putatan Permanent Food Production Park (TKPM).

“At Mesilou TKPM, Warisan started fertigation in 2018, a modern farming technique.

“Eight Kundasang youths in the TKPM Mesilou now earn more than RM15,000 a month planting tomatoes, capsicums and Japanese cucumber.

“At Putatan TKPM meanwhile, we finally have our very own Sabah Golden Melon,” he said.

He said the project despite being launched by BN way back in 2013, was a disaster that failed to meet its objevtives.

But after Warisan took over the Sabah administration in 2018, the failed project was successfully reformed.

“After years of failure by Umno/BN, early this year, we roped in Ananas Farm as the anchor for Sabah Golden Melon. They have identified a correct SOP and system to successfully plant Sabah Golden Melons.”

Explaining future plans for the Putatan Permanent Food Production Park, Junz said the successful SOP would be implemented for the benefit of local participants.

“The roughly 44 greenhouses in TKKM Putatan will be allocated to 10 locals from Putatan to participate in Sabah Golden Melon planting.

“Each participant will be allocated four greenhouses at the size of 6,000 square feet each.

“But they must be genuine planters and locals. Warisan’s policy is to involve locals in the projects being implemented,” he said.

If the project is in Kundasang, Junz said the participants will be from Kundasang. If the project is in Putatan, the participants will be from Putatan.

“These participants can plant 6,000 Sabah Golden Melons (1,500 plants each greenhouse).

“After 90 days, each plant will produce an average of 1.5kg to 2kg per fruit.”

On becoming millionaires, he briefly described how participants could improve living standards drastically.

“’s do some maths. Six thousand fruits at 1.5kg each fruit will make a total 9,000 kg (nine tonnes). At a market rate of RM16.90 per kg, each cycle of three months can fetch each participant RM101,400.

“In a year, four cycles will bring RM405,600! Each participant can earn RM405,600 a year by planting Sabah Golden Melons!”

He concluded by saying it is not impossible for farmers to be rich, as long as Sabah is led by the right government and leaders.

“If the government and its leaders are not corrupted, all these projects can reach its full potential. But if the government and its leaders are corrupted, no amount of money will ever be enough to ensure the project becomes successful,” he said.

Warisan breeding millionaires through agriculture Borneo Post Online.

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