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Viral video did not happen at Stutong Community Market food court, says MBKS councillor

0 month ago, 17-Mar-2019

Mok (left) pointing out how the tables and chairs at Stutong Community Market differ from the ones in the video.

KUCHING: A video of a male worker using a mop to wipe a table and then mopping the floor did not happen at the Stutong Community Market food court.

The video had gone viral on March 16, with claims that it had happened at Stutong Community Market, but Kuching South City Council (MBKS) councillor Mok Chuang Ping came forward and clarified that it was untrue.

“There are many disparities between the physical setting shown in the video and the physical setting here at the Stutong Community Market food court. First of all, the tables and chairs here are bolted to the ground, as opposed to the plastic tables and chairs shown in the video.

“Secondly, the signage for the hawker stalls shown in the video are huge compared to the signage here, and we don’t allow any alcohol or beer logos to be displayed in any of the MBKS markets. Lastly, our contracted cleaners uniforms here are red, not teal,” Mok said during a press conference held at the Stutong Community Market office here today.

Mok also slammed the actions of “fake news peddlers”, saying that this incident could have affected the livelihood of the hawkers here.

“We hope that other people won’t continue to spread this videos, as the hawkers here are just trying to do their business and make a good living for themselves.

“Also, I want to stress that MBKS is very serious about hygiene and cleanliness. We would never allow such cleaning methods [like in the video], as it violates our hygiene ethics,” Mok said.

In relation to the incident, Kuching City South Hawkers and Traders Association chairman Tan Choon Yong had filed a police report, added Mok.

Viral video did not happen at Stutong Community Market food court, says MBKS councillor Borneo Post Online.


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