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Swak transporters must be vaccinated before allowed entry into Brunei

0 month ago, 09-Jun-2021

Lee Kim Shin

KUCHING (June 9): Sarawak transporter companies must get their drivers vaccinated before July 13 to ensure that they are allowed to enter Brunei Darussalam to deliver essential goods and services.

Transport Minister Datuk Lee Khim Shin said that based on a media release by the Brunei’s government on May 31, all foreign registered transporters including those from Sarawak, must be vaccinated and have Cross-Country Permits issued by Brunei.

As this requirement has created anxiety amongst the Sarawakian transporters who have business activities with their counterparts there, Lee has spoken to the Brunei Darussalam Consulate-General today on the matter.

Based on the conversation, all foreign based transporters entering Brunei Darussalam must produce their Covid-19 vaccination certificates together with Cross-Country Permits effective July 13, and were given a grace period from June 1 to July 12 to get their drivers vaccinated.

“Digital vaccination certificates on MySejahtera Apps are also acceptable. Brunei may also consider those logistics companies drivers who have been vaccinated with only the first dose if they can prove that the date for appointment of second dose had been confirmed through MySejahtera App,” said Lee in a statement today.

He stressed that the vaccination requirement only applies to transport operators and not to the ordinary travellers.

“I wish to inform that the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) has also agreed for these logistics companies drivers to be given priority for vaccination in the respective Divisions.

“Therefore, I would like to request all the Residents as chairmen of the Divisional Disaster Management Committee and the Divisional medical officers to work closely with the logistic companies and the Ministry of Transport, Sarawak, on his matter.”

At the same time, he also thanked Brunei’s Consulate-General in Kuching for kindly clarifying the issues and providing the latest information on this matter.

Due to the prevalent Covid-19 pandemic in the State, Lee hoped the public here in Sarawak to not travel cross country into Brunei unless it is for official government travel, student requiring to attend schools and emergency services.

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