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JPJ targets all types of makes and models for illegal mods, not just Ysuku bikes

0 month ago, 13-Sep-2019

JPJ personnel examining motorcycles during the operation.

KUCHING: The state Road Transport Department (JPJ) focuses on illegal modifications to all types and makes of vehicles and does not focus solely on the Yamaha Y15zr, locally known as ‘Ysuku’ motorcycles as some have claimed.

Its director Mohd Syafiq Anas Abdullah said action taken against those found modifying the components of their vehicles without legal compliance has long been enforced and it involves all types of makes and models.

He therefore refuted the allegations by several parties that the JPJ was ‘hunting’ for ‘Ysuku’ motorcycles only.

“In terms of enforcement, the department will not only focus on certain types of models such as ‘Ysuku’ but also all types of modified vehicles which are liable for summons.

“We advise motorcycle owners to take responsibility for their vehicles and any modifications made must comply with the law,” he added.

He asserted that for each vehicle modification offense, a fine of RM150 to RM300 would be charged under Section 6 of the Road Transport Act (APJ) 1987.

He previously led a ‘Motorcycle Ops’ on the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway near here last Thursday.

A total of 60 summons were issued; 25 of which were for the offense of illegally modifying motorcycle components.

“If they are not sure whether the modification is done in accordance to the stipulated specifications, the owner can refer the matter to the JPJ,” he said.

JPJ targets all types of makes and models for illegal mods, not just ‘Ysuku’ bikes Borneo Post Online.

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