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Speaker rejects Tanjong Batu reps motion

5 month ago, 08-Nov-2018

Chiew Chiu Sing

KUCHING: State Legislative Assembly (DUN) Speaker Datuk Amar Mohamad Asfia Awang Nassar today dismissed a private member’s motion by Chiew Chiu Sing (DAP-Tanjong Batu).

In his motion, Chiew is seeking for an immediate action to be taken to safeguard the people staying at Taman Desa Damai and Pine Avenue, whose houses were flooded due to a heavy downpour on Nov 7 at around 12am.

The motion by Chiew was made under Standing Order 15. Under the Standing Order, only matter which is definite, urgent and of public importance could be moved by a member of the august house for an adjournment under Standing Order 14.

“However, the issue brought may be definite, urgent and of public importance but it does not fulfil the ingredient that is urgent under the Standing Order 15,” Mohd Asfia explained in his ruling yesterday.

Mohd Asfia said he had received a reply from the Local Government and Housing Ministry dated Nov 7 on the matter raised by Chiew.

According to him, Bintulu Development Authority (BDA) was already aware of the situation at Taman Desa Damai area.

To date, Mohd Asfia said BDA has already awarded the tender for the construction of a two-metre wide concrete drain with a total length of 1.66-kilometre (km) along Jalan Sibiew opposite Pine Avenue and Taman Desa Damai in order to address flooding in the area.

“The cost of the project is RM3.895 million. The construction is expected to commence on Nov 21, 2018 and the project will take 10 months to complete. Therefore, the question has been addressed. There is no more urgency. Motion is dismissed.”

Chiew, in response, asked Mohd Asfia to reconsider his decision because the time period taken to complete the project will take a long time.

“Meanwhile, flooding and rain could occur at anytime. We should adjourn this Dewan (august house) so that we can talk about the alternative or short term measure on how we can overcome this.”

Mohd Asfia, in his reply, said: “We have received assurance that work will commence on 21st of this month.”


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