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Skipper shot, possible kidnapping in Lahad Datu

5 month ago, 06-Dec-2018

Datuk Omar Mammah

KOTA KINABALU:Askipper was shot and possible kidnappingafter an attempted tugboat heist in Lahad Datu at around 7.32pm yesterday, Wednesday (Dec 5).

Sabah Police commissioner Datuk Omar Mammah said four suspects were believed to have gone up the tugboat prior to the shooting at Pegasus Reef near Pulau Tambisan, Lahad Datu before fleeing in a four-engine speedboat.

“We are still gathering more information on this case but so far, nothing was taken from the tugboat and the victim managed to call for help after the suspects fled the boat,” he said when asked at the 2018Sabah StateCivil Servants Day Celebration in Sabah State Administration Centre (PPNS) here this afternoon.

Omar stressed details of the incident are still being gathered.

He said among theinformation being gathered is to ascertain whetherthe suspects had attacked another boat with several crew on it afterwards, not far from the aforementionedboat that they hadfled.

Police are trying to also find out if anyone was harmed or taken hostage throughout the incidence.

“I will get back on this later,” Omar said.


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