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Shell LiveWIRE reaches out to Sarawakian entrepreneurs

0 month ago, 12-Oct-2021

KUCHING: The Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE programme is back for its sixth year and is now seeking Sarawakian entrepreneurs who are all set to grow their businesses, and perhaps even potentially be a part of the Shell Malaysia value chain, in the future.

The Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE programme engages with entrepreneurs who are committed to starting and growing their business ideas.

“Your business idea could be around social enterprises and the community, or an innovation that will revolutionise the world, or provide a product or service that Shell or other companies could be able to use; the Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE programme is here to help you make it a reality,” the group said in a statement.

The programme takes entrepreneurs through a series of workshops that will assist them in generating or enhancing their business ideas, test their business models and prepare them to be successful business owners who can present or market their business ideas for further growth.

“This year, the programme will be delivered virtually. Participants will be engaged in online bootcamp workshops on entrepreneurship development. Shell Malaysia will also be engaging marketing and branding experts to share insights of our Mobility business with the entrepreneurs.

“Five winners will be chosen towards the end of the programme, and these winners will win a RM10,000 grant alongside mentorship and guidance from the Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE facilitators.

To date, approximately 400 entrepreneurs have participated in this programme.

“The Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE programme is proud to partner with the Tegas Digital Innovation Hub, which not only provides the facilities and guidance to run this programme, but also presents each winner with an additional RM5,000, on top of the Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE grant.

“Additionally, Shell LiveWIRE entrepreneurs from Sarawak will also be given access to TEGAS Digital Innovation Hub co-working space in Kuching, Miri and Bintulu and access to the Tegas ecosystem network.”

If you are a Sarawakian above the age of 18 and committed towards turning your business ideas into a reality, its time to register and be a part of the Sarawak Shell LiveWIRE programme.

Register today at livewire.shell.com.my.

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