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Dr Yii: Pos Laju services improved, queue significantly reduced since last visit

0 month ago, 27-Jun-2020

Dr Yii (right) visits the Pos Laju mail centre.

KUCHING: Pos Laju services have improved and the queue in the past week has significantly been reduced since his last visit and feedback, says Bandar Kuching MP Dr Kelvin Yii.

“Currently I was informed the average waiting time is about four to five days. This is of course an improvement from the time during the Movement Control Order (MCO) period but I urged them to further improve to what is was before which was within one to two days.

“They are open and working hard to achieve that,” he said in a statement, after his visit to Pos Laju Saturday morning to monitor the services provided and also to provide further feedback from the public.

Dr Yii noted that this is also due to having more delivery riders being hired, including part-timers, to ensure parcels were sent directly to the houses so that parcel recipients did not need to queue up at the mail centre.

He was also pleased to observe that Pos Laju had also set up tents so that the public do not need to queue under hot sun or rain.

“Even with the improvement in services, we also brought up some complaints from the public especially to improve the delivery time and waiting time for the parcels.

“Currently it is still longer than usual due to the surge of parcels especially to East Malaysia and also certain logistical issues they face especially during the MCO. But now with the increased of flights especially during this RMCO, they are looking to improve the delivery speed even more,” he said.

Dr Yii said that he would continue to monitor and bring public feedback and complaints to Pos Laju so that they could continue to improve their services for the convenience of the public.

He expressed his gratitude for the cooperation and prompt responses from the team at Pos Laju and their openness to receive feedback.

Dr Yii: Pos Laju services improved, queue significantly reduced since last visit Borneo Post Online.



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