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Sepatung, Peninden waterfalls hidden gems in Sarawak

0 month ago, 15-May-2019

A view from the top of Sepatung waterfall. Photos by Roystein Emmor

LUNDU: The Sepatung and Peninden waterfalls at Kampung Sebako here are some of the few hidden gems in Sarawak, serving as rare treats to nature lovers and hikers alike.

However, hikers would have to go through a three-hour journey to reach the waterfalls.

From Kuching, it will take about two hours drive to reach the village.

Once reaching Kampung Sebako, a villager named Julius will serve as a guide to bring hikers to the waterfalls.

Peninden waterfall.

The journey to the waterfalls starts with a 10-minute drive from Kampung Sebako through a gravel road and a bridge, first reaching the Sebako Mini Hydro.

From there, hikers would have to climb up Sebako Hill by a stairway.

Along the way, trekkers will have the chance to feast their eyes on the greenery of the rainforests and see local wildlife.

Upon reaching the waterfalls, hikers will be rewarded with more awesome views of the mountain range and the cool and clear water from the waterfalls.

For arrangements to visit the waterfalls, contact Julius at 01126006021. The fee is RM30 per person.

Hikers climbing down Sebako Hill, overlooking Mount Gading.

Sepatung, Peninden waterfalls hidden gems in Sarawak Borneo Post Online.


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