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Kota Samarahan cracks down on illegal market stalls

5 month ago, 07-Nov-2018

Dato Peter Minos

KUCHING: Kota Samarahan Municipal Council (KSMC) will be stricter on enforcing law against those trading at five foot way, roadsides (including sides of highway), pedestrian pathways and parking lots in its area of jurisdiction effective Jan 1 2019.

Giving a two months heads up to repeat offenders, its chairman Dato Peter Minos zero in to those trading along and beside the Kuching-Samarahan Expressway with the warning.

“There are three reasons for this: to keep the highways safe and not unsightly, to ensure five-foot ways at the shops be open and safe for the public and to ensure parking lots are meant for public parking and not disturbed in any way,” he said.

“We wants Kota Samarahan to be a truly safe, clean and neat town, not dirty and unsightly. The municipal council wants this culture of keeping Kota Samarahan clean and beautiful be cultivated now and at an early stage as Kota Samarahan is new and fast-growing,” he stressed.

“The available laws will be fully enforced with effect from Jan 1 2019. No more excuses. No more tolerance. No more exceptions. No more permits.”

“Even though some traders are willing to pay the permits and / or repeated fines, MPKS will say ‘No’ starting from Jan 1 2019,” he added.

He said those transgressing will be given only one seven-day notice before the KSMC enforcement division will take necessary action thereafter.

The council in the meantime will get funds to do public markets and stalls at proper places for the traders including those now illegally doing it at roadsides.

“We do think and care for the small traders n the small entrepreneurs but they must do their trading at proper, safe and public-friendly places.”

The safety and convenience of the public is paramount, he pointed out.

“They must walk and drive in safety and with peace of mind. They must not be inconvenienced in any way. And the wider public these days demand cleanliness, good hygiene and healthy places. That is why MPKS has been singing the same old tune of clean toilets, clean open streets, no to styrofoam food containers, no to plastic use on Sundays, increased greenery and landscaping, and no to littering,” said Minos.

From Jan 1 2019, KSMC will vigorously upgrade its waste collection, drain-cleaning, stray dog catching and all works and exercises in making Kota Samarahan safe, neat and clean.

“KSMC badly needs public information (tip off) and alert us on this exercise because we do not have the manpower to do all the checking and monitoring.

“Moreover the area covered is huge, from Batang Kuap bridge to Batang Sadong bridge. Public support and cooperation and public inputs are absolutely necessary,” he added.


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