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Adam Adli says Syed Saddiq views unity govt policies with blinkers

0 month ago, 19-Sep-2023

Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Adam Adli Abd Halim speaks to the media after launching the Perak-level Fit Malaysia Programme at the Youth and Sports Complex in Ipoh August 20, 2023. – Bernama photo

KUALA LUMPUR (Sept 19): PKR Youth chief Adam Adli Abd Halim has accused Muar MP Syed Saddiq Abdul Rahman of selective criticism after the latter labelled the Anwar administration as Nato No Action, Talk Only yesterday.

The deputy youth and sports minister said Syed Saddiq should look at all government initiatives from a wider perspective.

Ideally, Saddiq should not reflect solely on those things that align with his confirmation bias, but also consider the public welfare policies presented in Budget 2023 and the ongoing initiatives to eradicate extreme poverty, solve the peoples problems and basic needs including schools and healthcare facilities, ensure clean water supply, and stimulate post-pandemic economic recovery, as well as the energy transition that will start soon, he said in a Facebook post yesterday.

Adam Adli said everything that Syed Saddiq raised yesterday had already been explained numerous times.

On the matter of asset declaration, the prime minister has strongly criticised since January the existing declaration practice as a sham or a gimmick and instructed that a more transparent and comprehensive mechanism be drawn up instead, and not just a declaration without a specific format.

Secondly, the dropping of the court case, which I am sure refers to the deputy prime ministers case rather than the Pagoh case, was answered in Parliament today (September 18) in detail by YB Azalina Othman Said in her capacity as the minister in charge of law and institutional reform, signalling the governments commitment to separating the powers of the attorney general and the public prosecutor, he said.

Yesterday, Syed Saddiq called on the unity government to live up to its promises made after the 15th general election.

The Malaysian United Democratic Alliance (Muda) president labelled the government as a no action, talk only administration, or Nato, over its purported penchant for promising reforms that never see the light of day. – Malay Mail