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Sabah seeks larger allocation for youth, sports programmes

0 month ago, 25-Nov-2021

Ellron (left) handing over a document to Dr Wasitah.

KOTA KINABALU (Nov 25): The Federal Youth and Sports Ministry has been urged to consider allocating Sabah with a larger allocation to implement youth and sports programmes next year and in the future.

Sabah Youth and Sports Minister Datuk Ellron Angin said that a larger allocation would be in line with Sabahs land size.

Sabah has a total size of 69,993 km2, with six divisions and 27 full districts, 11 sub districts and an uneven population distribution as well as geography factors, with a total of 3.3 million youths. “These factors make it challenging to deploy youth development works in Sabah with the limited financial resources, he said at the Youth Consultation Council held at Hilton Hotel here on Thursday.

He added that the distribution of more and ample programmes will ease officers from his ministry to approach rural youths and ensure no youths are left out in the development of human capital and physical development so that they can benefit from the National 2022 Budget announced recently.

Ellron also reminded that among the focus of the National Budget was to create a happy family and for the development of youth and sports.

We can see that the government has emphasised on youths. The government also wants to restore the economy and help build life that is conducive to youths such as providing guarantee in apprenticeship opportunities and jobs involving government agencies and the private sector, he said.

He also said that the government realises that youths were the determinant of the countrys rise and fall.

Ellron also said that the government had prepared various opportunities to enable youths to play a role in the nations development process.

In his speech, he also explained that the Youth Consultation Council meets annually where discussions about youth-related policies and development agenda take place between youths and the government.

This is to make sure any issues relevant to youths will be given due attention and acted upon, accordingly, he said.

He added that the recommendations and ideas from the forum may be proposed to be the State or Federal governments policy and benefit the future of youths.

Indirectly, it can determine the fall and rise of the State and country in the future, he added.

Ellron also said that many people were economically and socially impacted by the Covid-19, and this has caused youths who are just starting to become independent to worry.

Realising the problem, the government has acted through various initiatives such as the setting up of the National Employment Council, the implementation of the Penjana Kerjaya, the introduction of the national apprenticeship scheme, the empowerment of TVET and all youth associations of all levels, organising e-belia programmes and Prihatin Rakyat assistance.

Also present was Federal Youth and Sports director general Dato Dr Hajjah Wasitah Mohd Yusof who said the new youth development model launched last month will prepare youths towards Smart Communities and Community 5.0.

Dr Wasitah said that the new model was part of the governments effort to address the challenges facing youths post Covid-19 as well as to prepare them to face changes in the digital landscape that involves skills training to improve their capabilities through analytic thinking and innovation, efficiency in handling new technologies as well as focusing on the culture of innovation and creativity.

In addition, the new model was also geared towards improving socioeconomic through initiatives that provide opportunities and job creations, education and skills for the future; to reduce unemployment rate and social ills among youths especially relating to youth mental health; to strengthen youth development ecosystem, focusing on youth relationship with their family, community and the government agencies; to foster confident, active and resilient youths; and to benefit in the use of technology, in line with the current digital era, she said.

Dr Wasitah also shared efforts that are planned by her department to empower youth associations next year.

Among them are the Kem Anak Muda (KAMU) which is an outdoor and indoor type programme geared towards instilling awareness on the dangers and threats of social ills and Fit Masjid.

Other programmes planned are Parlimen Belia Malaysia @ Komuniti, Drive Youth Future, programmes and opportunities in entrepreneurship and youth economy as well as other economic programmes such as Youth Urban Farming, Agro Youth Trademark Do It Yourself, Youth Agrotech and others.

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