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Sabah providing 35,000 subsidised Musang King durian saplings to farmers

0 month ago, 06-Apr-2021

Bernama file photo

KOTA KINABALU (Apr 6): The Sabah Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries through the State Agriculture Department (JPS) is allocating 35,000 subsidised saplings of high-quality Musang King durian to be distributed to farmers across the state.

Its Assistant Minister,Datuk James Ratibsaid the JPS had so far distributed over 20,000of the durian saplingsand the rest would be given out later onwhen thereis sufficient supply.

Each eligible farmer will receive 50 to200 saplings, dependingon the size of the farm land, he told reporters after visiting the Musang King DurianCultivation Project of Zamri Agro Farm in Kinarut, near here, today.

James said his ministry welcomed the involvement of individuals, particularly rural residents in agriculture, especially growing Musang King durian which had a huge market potential.

Hence, I am asking theSabah government toprovide a bigger allocationfor thedistributionof thedurian saplings toeligible farmers, he added.

James also urgedJPS to send more ofits staff for coursesor to learn more about agriculture, especiallygrowing Musang King durian.

After gaining much knowledge onit, they can go down to the fieldand assist farmers who have now ventured into growing thedurian, he said.

James said his ministry also required an adviser with vast knowledge of growing Musang King durian so that Sabah could become a hub for growing the fruit and exporting it, as Sabah has large areas of land for its cultivation. – Bernama

Sabah providing 35,000 subsidised Musang King durian saplings to farmers Borneo Post Online.

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