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Rivers Board to be activated

0 month ago, 05-Apr-2021

SEMPORNA: Rivers Board will be activated to safeguard rivers from pollution and encroachment as 23 rivers in Sabah are found to be polluted.

Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Seri Bung Moktar Radin said there are many rivers in Sabah and in every state there is a river board, there is a trustee.

These rivers supply water through the Water Department, but the department has no authority over these rivers, he said on Monday after officiating the launching ceremony of the Coral Reef Conservation Program at Tun Sakaran Marine Park at Sipadan Kapalai Resort here in Semporna.

For example, he said a water plant was built 20 years ago. At that time the river was still unpolluted and maintained, but in 20 years it had been polluted. There are houses built along rivers, there was logging and no longer had the power to hold the water as the trees are gone.

So this is it, 23 rivers in Sabah have been polluted and resulting in clean water supply cannot be supplied. Therefore there must be a river board to take care and make enforcement like a park ranger, he said.

He said the government will give permission to the board to create rangers in the forest to guard the rivers, adding the board does exist but is not active, and should be re-activated for this important reason.

Rivers Board to be activated Borneo Post Online.

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