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Report: Filming for personal social media requires Finas licence too

0 month ago, 23-Jul-2020

Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah

KUCHING: The government requires all filming to be licensed by the National Film Development Corporation (Finas), even for personal social media, a news report said.

Malaysiakini said Communications and Multimedia Minister Datuk Saifuddin Abdullah told the Dewan Rakyat this morning that all content creation was subject to regulations and that it would also affect those using Tik-Tok, Instagram, Youtube and others.

“It is mandatory for film producers to apply for a film production licence and filming certification letter, regardless of whether they are mainstream media or personal media that publish their film on social media or traditional channels,” he said in a reply to Wong Shu Qi (Harapan-Kluang).

“We encourage everyone, big or small, young or old, individuals or organisations to produce any type of film… as long as it follows the existing laws,” he reportedly added to a follow-up question regarding social media videos.

Malaysiakini said the Finas Act defines films as recordings on any material, including feature films, short films, short subject films, trailers, documentaries and advertising filmlets.

It added that according to Finas’ website, to qualify for a film or video production licence, one must have a registered company (sendirian berhad), with RM50,000 paid-up capital.

Report: Filming for personal social media requires Finas licence too Borneo Post Online.



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