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Reject money politics, says Shafie

0 month ago, 15-Sep-2020

Shafie signing the plaque for the multipurpose hall at Kampung PPRT Sabah Baru Peringkat II.

TAWAU: Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) president Datuk Seri Mohd Shafie Apdal has urged voters to use the 16th Sabah state election to put an end to money politics.

The chief minister said a state election is a platform for the people to pick the state government and voters should exercise their rights wisely.

“Voters will not become rich by getting RM200 or RM300, not even enough to buy a car, build a bungalow. Voters have integrity and will determine the future of the children of Sabah, he said at a gathering of Warisan candidates and the people here yesterday.

He said voting was the peoples rights and they should not sell their votes.

“The vote is yours; its your hand that will mark the ballot. Dont sell votes, he added.

According to Mohd Shafie, this state election is very important for the people to determine the future of Sabah.

On Sunday, Shafie reminded Sabahans that the state election is important to determine the future of the state and the people.

He said the election served as a platform to unite the people regardless of race and religion.

“It should not be used to gain power but to serve all the people in this state. We should remember that we are not going anywhere if we are divided,” he stressed.

Shafie said this at a session for Parti Warisan Sabah (Warisan) candidates, Mohamaddin Ketapi, Dumi Pg Masdal and Assafal P. Alian, to meet the people at Kampung Cocos Batu 6.

In his speech, Shafie said people should make wise decision and give support to the party that unites the people.

He said other parties may question what had been done by Warisan for the past two years, but they actually did not see what Warisan had fought for.

He admited that he did not build skyscrapers or highway but once he took over the state government, he had united the people and achieved the points in the Malaysia Agreement 1963.

“The election is not a game, people should not abuse their rights as voters and never sell their votes. The money given will not be able to turn the people into a millionaire but a vote could change the future of our state and country,” he said.

Shafie also encouraged the people to cast their votes during election day without worry.

He said people should fully comply with the standard operation procedure (SOP) while fulfilling their responsibilities.

He added that the state government had distributed face masks to the voting centres to protect the people during this pandemic.

Mohd Shafie is defending the Senallang seat in a five-cornered contest.

Polling will be held on September 26.

Reject money politics, says Shafie Borneo Post Online.



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