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Mums, preschoolers enjoy quality time during JCI Padawans BLEEP workshop

0 month ago, 08-May-2022

(From right) Chieng witnesses Chai presenting the donation from Leaves Food Industries to JCI Padawan members Yeo Tze Hui, Hon and Vincent Tang.

KUCHING (May 8): The Padawan chapter of Junior Chamber International (JCI) held a special workshop here in the weekend, in celebration of Mother’s Day.

Taking place at the Reinforcements of the Monkey in Canaan Square, the ‘Business Leveraging, Empowerment and Ecosystem Programme (BLEEP): Episode 2 – DeTea Workshop’ was co-headed by JCI Padawan vice-presidents Hon Kah Fui (community) and Angel Chieng (businesses).

Run in collaboration with the management of the event’s venue and also Leaves Food Industries Sdn Bhd, the workshop involved 20 young children from five kindergartens in the city, together with their parents and guardians.

An interesting segment of the workshop was one on the history of Sarawak’s iconic beverage, the ‘Three-Layer Tea’, which included a session conducted by Leaves Food Industries chief executive officer Alan Chai and his team where every participant learned how to make this popular drink.

In conjunction with the workshop, a memorandum of understanding (MoU) on a business recovery programme between Reinforcements of the Monkey and Leaves Food Industries was inked by their respective signatories, witnessed by JCI Padawan members.

This was followed by the presentation of of a RM2,000 donation to JCI Padawan from Leaves Food Industries as part of the latter’s corporate social responsibility (CSR).

“As they say, a mother is the beginning of everything. As such we, at JCI Padawan, want to do something special for Mothers Day this year.

“Among the greatest gifts that any child can give to their mothers are the memories and the quality time spent with them.

“I must thank Miss Angela (Chieng) who is also the owner of Reinforcements of the Monkey, and Mr Alan (Chai) from Leaves Food Industries, for their support and cooperation in making this workshop a fun, enriching and memorable event, and also as a beautiful bonding moment between the children and their parents and caregivers,” said Hon, who was the programme’s organising chairman.

Chieng (frontmost, third left), Hon on her left, and Chai, on her right, join other JCI Padawan members in a group photo with the workshop’s young participants and their parents.

Meanwhile, Chieng said the programme was more than just about a workshop on local beverages and the culture surrounding them.

“The childred did have a great time with their families, but beyond that, I could sense that the mothers were also happy in seeing their young ones forge new friendships with other children during the workshop.

“I hope that this programme would encourage and inspire the community to be more active, more aware of our own culture, and value each memory created from it.

“Also, we hope that this workshop would encourage more businesses to collaborate with JCI Padawan, said Chieng.

Established by JCI Padawan, BLEEP aims to empower young entrepreneurs in establishing and managing their businesses, through programmes meant to provide development opportunities and encourage enterprising youths to create positive changes.

“As many businesses are still on the recovery stage from the Covid-19 pandemic, which hit us over two years ago, BLEEP serves to allow young entrepreneurs and business owners to focus on the right foundation, adopting the most viable practices, and having the right strategic partners,” said Hon.

Those interested in joining JCI Padawan or wanting to learn more about its activities, can seek the organisation via Facebook (@JCI Padawan).

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