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Politicians urge police to intensify efforts to safeguard Mirians

0 month ago, 17-May-2019

Corporal William (right), who was shot in the left arm when confronting the robbers, receives visitors in hospital.

MIRI: The reemergence of gun toting criminals in Miri in the armed robbery and shootout with police on Thursday has alarmed Mirians, who called on police to conduct a thorough investigation and to nip the problem in the bud.

Miri MP Dr Micheal Teo Yu Kheng and Senadin state assemblyman Datuk Lee Kim Shin said the public were worried over the incident at Taman Jelita, next to the Taman Tunku residential area, which resulted in one policeman being shot in the left arm and the arrest of two suspects, including one who was shot in the leg.

Miri police have increased efforts in the manhunt for the third suspect, who managed to escape in the incident.

There have been no reports of shootings since the death of the late Bill Kayong and I hope police will conduct a thorough investigation and ensure that public security is not compromised, Dr Teo said.

The PKR Miri branch secretary was gunned down at a traffic light junction in Tudan on June 21 in 2016 while on his way to work.

One Mohd Fitri Pauz has been sentenced to death by the High Court in August last year, while the court acquitted 46-year-old businessman Datuk Stephen Lee Chee Kiang , Lie Chang Loon, 38, and Chin Wui Chung, 51 without their defence being called in 2017.

Dr Teo said public security is of paramount importance in Miri and hoped Miri police, which have already arrested two suspects, would leave no stones unturned in their investigations to get to the bottom of this case where a law enforcement officer was injured and a family was robbed at gunpoint.

Together with PKR Miri Wanita leader Korina Mang and branch deputy chairman Bolhan Salihi, he visited the injured policeman, Corporal William Bell Jol, at Miri Hospital after he was shot on Thursday night, offering words of appreciation for the latter’s sacrifice and bravery.

The bullet, which was lodged in his left arm, was removed successfully and had missed his chest and his heart by just a few inches. The suspect who was shot also received treatment for his gunshot wounds.

Meanwhile, Lee , who is also Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, also visited the policeman on Friday with Miri OCPD ACP Lim Meng Seah and Head of Crime Prevention and Community Security Department, DSP Rosley Hobden.

Many members of the public have expressed concern over the reemergence of guns in Miri and I am calling on Miri police to investigate how these criminals are able to acquire semi-automatic weapons, he said.

Lee also appealed to the Ministry of Home Affairs to send more Mobile Patrol Vehicles (MPV) to Miri to beef up the fleet and boost crime prevention.

It was fortunate that the patrol vehicle was at Mosjaya Commercial Centre and managed to rush to Taman Jelita within eight minutes to stop the armed robbers, he said.

The surprised criminals shot and injured one of the advancing policemen.

We really appreciate the action of the Corporal William who risked his life when he saw and confronted the armed robbers for the sake of the family members who were still inside,” he said.

Politicians urge police to intensify efforts to safeguard Mirians Borneo Post Online.


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