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Platoon to track down poachers

0 month ago, 05-Nov-2019

Abdul Hamid presenting the IGP ters of Appreciation to one of General Operations Force (GOF) officers and staff at the 14th PGA Battalion Camp.

TAWAU: The Tiger Platoon from the General Operations Force (GOF) in Sabah has been assigned to assist the relevant authorities in protecting the wildlife in the state.

Inspector-General of Police (IGP) Tan Sri Abdul Hamid Bador said the special platoon would be mobilised to conduct patrols, track down suspects as well as carry out joint raids with enforcement officials, including the Wildlife Department and the Sabah Forestry Department.

This is not only for Sabah, but also for Sarawak. I declare open war against these irresponsible parties. In Sabah, all the five GOF battalions have been tasked with combating illegal hunting activities and the plundering of forest treasures, he said after presenting the IGP ters of Appreciation to 16 General Operations Force (GOF) officers and staff at the 14th PGA Battalion Camp here yesterday.

Abdul Hamid said he was saddened to read in the morning news yesterday that another dead elephant was found floating in the Kinabatangan River.

I have declared an all-out war against all forms of human cruelty to animals, flora and fauna throughout the country and have also made my commitment to the Peninsula to deploy two battalions in the fight against illegal hunting, the activities of stealing certain species of forests that are not found in other tropical forests, and to hunt for these intruders, he said.

On another note, Abdul Hamid said he was very proud that the case of the elephant found shot 70 times was solved by Tawau police.

I will not only work hard to catch (the perpetrators) but will ensure that the case is strong enough to be brought to court and to get convictions, he said, stressing that not only will there be arrests, but PDRM will take action in due course and will follow up with the prosecutor to ensure that the case will not escape legal punishment.

I am very serious about this, as Sabah has many attractions from animals to plants that have always been something people want to steal, he said.

He said God willing the flora and fauna in Sabah can be preserved for future generations.

Indicating that anyone involved will not be spared, including VVIPs, the IGP said PDRM will not be stopped in cases involving ordinary individuals or if there is evidence of a VVIP involved using their position to encroach and steal, PDRM will take the same action.

I will make sure there are no cases that will be covered. My advice, be careful, stop before you get caught, he said.

On the punishment, he said he wanted the mandatory punishment of whipping to be inflicted on them, and it is under process, and prayed that his wish becomes a reality. Those who hunt these animals will eventually be whipped.

In the near future, I will endeavor to convince the Attorney-Generals Chambers and the government that we need this mandatory caning law as a deterrent, he said.

Under the Ops Bersepadu Khazanah launched in September in the Peninsula, various successes have been achieved, he said.

We have arrested Cambodian, Thai, Vietnamese citizens and locals who have come to plunder the countrys forests, he said.

The carcass of a pygmy elephant was found floating in the Kinabatangan River on Sunday morning. This was the third pygmy elephant killed after the first one in Sungai Dumpas, Kalabakan, Tawau on September 25. Another carcass was found in an oil palm plantation in Beluran on October 19.

Platoon to track down poachers Borneo Post Online.

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