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People of Pahang delighted Tengku Abdullah next Sultan

0 month ago, 13-Jan-2019

Tengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah

PEKAN: The people of Pahangare delighted that the Tengku Makhota(Crown Prince) of PahangTengku Abdullah Sultan Ahmad Shah is ascending the throne as the sixth sultan of the state.

He succeeds his father, Sultan Ahmad Shah.

A Pekanresident Azahani Mahmud, 49, said the new Sultan had inheritedhis father’s leadership qualitiesand iswell-liked by the people as he had always been concerned over thewelfare of the people.

Since he became the Tengku Mahkota at the age of 16,and later appointed as the Regent of Pahang, the people were glad and thankful for being blessed with a prince with a strong religious background and who alwayshad the peoples well-being at heart.

“He had never been awkwardaround the commoners each time there was a calamity such as a floods, stormy or drowning incidents. His Highness hadalways been generous in giving outdonations to people who are in need, he told Bernamawhen met here today.

Deputy Chairman of the PahangRoyal Council Tengku Muda Pahang Tengku Abdul Rahman Sultan Ahmad Shah today announced TengkuAbdullah as the new Sultan of Pahangas Sultan Ahmad Shah isreported to be gravely ill.

A former palace attendant, Abas Daud, 76, saidthe people had waited anxiously for TengkuAbdullah to be proclaimed as the new Sultan of Pahang as he had been serving as PahangRegent since Dec 28, 2016.

“To the people of Pahang,SultanAhmadShah had always held to the adage Raja dan Rakyat Berpisah Tiada (Inseparable arethe ruler and people)and this will continue to be adopted by his son.

“Sultan Abdullah had also cultivated this characteristic in his children as we see these qualities in them when they followhim visiting and contributinghand-outs tovictims,” he said.

He is also known to be generous and love giving donations to the people and this is evidenced when His Highness made it a practice to give money to children after his Friday prayers.

Meanwhile, a media practitioner Siti Salwa Shaari, 34, described him as a ruler who understands the role of the media and always made it a point to greet media representatives whenever he meets them at events.

“At times he would ask the media in advance if there were issues which needed to be clarified.He is always humble and often disregards his noble rank when heis with the people..

“Sometime when he is asked difficult or sensitive questions by the media, he will put out a smile and listen intently before giving any response,” she said.

His Higness had always been obliging and hardly turned down requests from the people orthe media to be photographedorhave a selfie taken with him, she added. – Bernama


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