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DAP reps offered and harassed

0 month ago, 22-Jul-2020


KOTA KINABALU: At least three Sabah Democratic Action Party (DAP) elected representatives have been approached by the state opposition, a party leader has confirmed.

Luyang assemblyman Phoong Jin Zhe has revealed that he himself, along with Kepayan assemblywoman Jannie Lasimbang and Elopura assemblyman Calvin Chong Ket Kiun have been offered a direct channel to Tan Sri Muhyddin Yassin in return of their allegiance to the other side.

Phoong said that a person had approached him during the last two days while Jannie and Calvin had been harassed.

The State Youth and Sports Minister said that he was told to give an amount and that he will also be offered with ministerial positions and candidacy for the next election should he decide to take the offer.

He said that a few strangers went to Jannies house unexpectedly on Tuesday night.

As for Calvin, it is understood that a group of strangers had managed to reach his doorstep, even though he lives in a condominium with security.

They kept on ringing the doorbell. I think that this is something that is very rude. Hopefully they can stop all these tricks, Phoong told reporters when met during an event here at SJK(C) Shan Tao on Wednesday.

Stop disturbing our elected representatives, he warned.

He further disclosed that some of the elected representatives have been given a deadline to accept the offer, as there had been claims that there will be a change of government in September or October.

Phoong opined that this is merely a psychological warfare strategy put in place by the other side – to instil fear to the government elected representatives.

As far as Sabah DAP is concerned, Im very confident that my colleagues will not betray the people. The mandate is very strong, he said.

I will so also continue to give my support to Datuk Seri Shafie Apdal as the Chief Minister of Sabah

There is no doubt. I will not betray the people that voted for me in the last election, he stressed.

DAP reps offered and harassed Borneo Post Online.



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