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Sibu Municipal Council advises public to cooperate, no planting on government owned land

0 month ago, 15-Sep-2023

Clarence Ting

SIBU (Sept 15): Members of the public are advised to cooperate with Sibu Municipal Council (SMC) and refrain from planting trees on government owned land.

SMC chairman Clarence Ting said this in reply to a complaint by a retired teacher Wong Sin Keuh, 70, who is unhappy with SMC for cutting down some coconut trees in the area here.

Speaking to The Borneo Post yesterday, Wong said that most of the coconut trees in front of residences or by the roadside had been planted about two metres away from the main road and are not an obstruction to traffic.

SMC should set up a regulation regarding distance of coconut trees (to be planted) from the road so that it is not endangering traffic flow and the same (goes) for other types of trees.

If coconut trees are cut down, then all the other trees should be cut down too, he pointed out.

He said that these regulations are important so that people will know the right place to plant their trees.

He also pointed out that cutting down coconut trees is very expensive and it only benefits the contractor.

Wong said he believes the planting of trees should be encouraged.

Reforestation has been carried out by the Forest Department, so there is no harm to plant more trees in proper places, he said, hoping the council will look into the matter.

Meanwhile, Ting further explained that the coconut trees had to be cut down because they were planted on council land and not private land which is not allowed.

I want to tell the public to cooperate with the council and refrain from planting coconut trees or any other private plants or crops on the public land, he said.

He added the leaves from the coconut trees pose danger to road users, especially motorcyclists.