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Mother appeals for more regular blood donors to help her son

28 month ago, 01-Aug-2018

KOTA KINABALU: A mother who appealed for blood donation for her son’s thalassaemia condition here, said that many people have called her offering support and pledging to donate, majority of whom were from Kuala Lumpur.

Selly Onong said they would donate at the National Blood Centre or Pusat Darah Negara (PDN) in the name of her son, Neowell for Hospital Likas.

“Today we had only one bag of blood from PDN KL and half way through transfusion Neowell rejected the blood and his body broke out in rashes with swelling everywhere. The blood is the correct ‘O Positive R1R1 JKA’ but unfortunately for whatever reason has caused him this unusual reaction. The blood had to be discarded,” she said in statement yesterday.

“Neowell needs blood that matches his needs from a donor who is healthy and not on medication. We are still waiting for more donors but I have not seen many coming in to Hospital Likas.

“This is not just about saving my son but about the dire need for good samaritans to please be regular blood donors to help fill up the blood banks to save people in hospital and emergencies,” said Selly.

“Since 2013, two men in Kota Kinabalu have taken turns to donate to Neowell and these are his two angels. But we need to find more regular donors so that in case these two men get sick we have others on the list to appeal to.

“Both these men donated yesterday but their blood will need to three days to clear before Neowell can access it,” she said.

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