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Malay Boy Flirts On DM Saying He Wants to Lick Her Butt & Rape

0 month ago, 10-Sep-2019

The art of flirting is getting out of hands these days. But to many people, this is just too absurd.

A recent viral tweet showcase a guy who DMed to a girls Instagram with what seems like a threat of raping her.

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Salam @SKMM_MCMC @PDRMsia tolong ambik tindakkan untuk budak ni. pic.twitter.com/WSb5lNsiVh

Izzatul Nazmeen (@NazmeenAmin) September 8, 2019

The girl who known as Izzatul, immediately bring this up to MCMC (Malaysia Communications and Multimedia Commission), and Royal Malaysia Police for further action.

Here are some of the flirtatious remarks according to the tweets:

He keeps continuing by saying he would lick her butt, and many other forms of scary remarks:

Izzatul has since made a police report and the police are looking into the matter.

After some time, the boy then managed to contacted Izzatul on her Twitter account, to apologise. Izzatul ended her posting with, I fight for womens rights. And rapes no joke.

We wonder, how many girls has this boy done the same? And how many of them has made a report? And how many of them maybe go along with the boys requests?

The world is a scary place, especially the idea of anonymity is making it scarier. No one knows the real name, and the picture in the profile might not be the picture of the guy.

All and all, please make this world a better place. Maybe not for us, but for our kids in the later future.

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