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In Kuching, military medal recipients pay respects at Heroes Monument on Malaysia Day

0 month ago, 16-Sep-2023

Zaini (fifth left) is seen with other SP and PGB holders and their spouses at the Heroes Memorial Park.

KUCHING (Sept 16): Six Seri Pahlawan Gagah Perkasa or Grand Knight of Valour (SP) and Panglima Gagah Berani or Star of the Commander of Valour (PGB) recipients visited the Heroes’ Monument Park here this morning.

Their visit on Malaysia Day sought to pay respects and honour the service of local heroes who fought and sacrificed their lives for the nation.

“I am happy to be back here,” said Lt Gen (Rtd) Datuk Seri Panglima Zaini Mohd Said, who served as a commando troop leader in Kuching.

Zaini also participated in operations in Balai Ringin, Sri Aman, Sarikei, Ulu Ngemah, Ulu Katibas, and Betong.

“That is why, regardless of the situation, I always find my way back here (Sarawak). Today, I am happy to see the people living in peace and harmony,” said Zaini, adding that Sarawak will always have a special place in his heart.

In 2000, Zaini was awarded the SP for his instrumental role during the Al Mau’nah siege, which led to the surrender of their leader Mohamed Amin Mohamed Razali.

“I am also happy to see the developments here in Sarawak and the people, who are made up of different races, able to live in peace and harmony. This is a good example as without being united, we are finished,” said Zaini, who is from Negeri Sembilan.

He said the inaugural visit by SP and PGB holders to the state was also to remind new generations of their sacrifices in the past.

“There are not many who realise that there were troops from Peninsular Malaysia who served here (Sarawak) during that era and Sarawakians who served in Peninsular Malaysia,” he pointed out.

On another note, Zaini also hoped the government would continue to improve the welfare of veterans in the country, whether they are from the military or police.

“Sometimes life is hard for the veterans, especially those who do not receive pensions. The government should come up with a mechanism to provide them with an allowance,” he stressed.

He noted that during their younger days in service, they were solely committed to safeguarding and defending Malaysias sovereignty.

“What we did was solely for our future generations in order for them to have better lives.

The thought of money, prizes, or accolades had never crossed our minds,” he added.