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Idris: Zakirs comments uncalled for, demands apology

0 month ago, 15-Aug-2019

Dato Idris Buang

KUCHING: Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Information Chief Dato Idris Buang is calling for controversial preacher Zakir Naik to apologise to Malaysians for his inflammatory speeches and statements.

In a press statement issued today, Idris suggested that he was not against any useful Islamic teachings, but Zakir had gone overboard with his.

“As a Muslim I have the greatest respect and admiration for islamic teachings with high level of scholarship shown by Ustaz Zakir Naik.”

“However with regards to his rather extraneous but unwelcome political which hurts other communities during his Kelantan tour recently, I humbly think it was a mistake on his part,” said Idris.

Zakir should not have crossed that political line knowing very well the sensitivities such a statement could attract and the tendency that it may be hyped even further to cause unnecessary discord, Idris stressed.

Such statements could easily be misconstrued and misunderstood with negative results, he pointed out.

“I do hope that he could kindly apologise to all the communities concerned as what is being taught in Islam itself, as Islam is actually about the propagation of peace not only in this world but the hereafter too,” he said.

Idris’ comment came in the wake of two federal ministers raising the issue of the presence of Zakir in Malaysia.

Yesterday, Communications and Multimedia Minister Gobind Singh Deo and Human Resource Minister M Kula Segaran in a joint statement said remarks made by Zakir were deemed controversial, and that action must be taken against him.

However, on Tuesday, Prime Minister Tun Dr Mahathir Mohammad told Bernama that Zakir could not be sent back to his own country India for fear of being killed.

Dr Mahathir said he was also open to the idea of sending Zakir to another country.

Among Zakir’s alleged controversial remarks were made at an event on Aug 3 where he reportedly claimed that Malaysian Hindus were more loyal to Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi than to Dr Mahathir, and likened Malaysian Chinese to “old guests” of the country, telling them to go back.

Idris: Zakir’s uncalled for, demands apology Borneo Post Online.

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