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Ibrahim Sani's Notepad: Fat Leonard Podcast

0 month ago, 12-Oct-2021

The Fat Leonard Podcast is a retelling of the story involving Leonard Glenn Francis, the Malaysian national who is at the heart of the scandal involving the United States Navy. Produced by Tom Wright, of the 'Billion Dollar Whale' fame, Ibrahim Sani speaks with him about the podcast, and what audiences should expect from his latest workSUBSCRIBE now! @Astro Awanihttps://www.youtube.com/c/astroawani?sub_confirmation=1Astro AWANI LIVE https://www.astroawani.com/video-terkiniSocial Media:FACEBOOK https://www.facebook.com/astroawaniTWITTER https://twitter.com/501AwaniINSTAGRAM https://www.instagram.com/501awaniTELEGRAM https://t.me/astroawani#AstroAWANI #AWANINews #NormaBaharu #DisiplinMalaysia #HapusCOVID19 #BuletinAWANI #AWANI745

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