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Health Dept to probe ambulance refueling incident

0 month ago, 17-Mar-2019

Dr Jamilah Hashim (File photo)

KUCHING: The Sarawak Health Department is carrying out a detailed investigation into the case of a patient who passed away after an ambulance allegedly delayed sending him to the hospital.

Sarawak health director Dr Jamilah Hashim said they are aware of the issue and assured the public that the investigation would be conducted in a transparent manner and according to protocol.

“I also want to say that Sarawak Health Department is also aware of the social media post written on March 15 by the daughter of the deceased, and Sarawak Health Department will arrange for a meeting with the deceased’s family and next-of-kin,” Dr Jamilah stated in a press statement today.

The deceased, who was suffering from an extreme stomachache as well as an abnormally high heartbeat rate, passed away on March 11 after the ambulance that was supposed to send him to Serian Hospital had been involved in a minor accident at a petrol station.

The deceased daughter in a social media post, stated that after the minor accident, the ambulance proceeded to the police station to make a report.

Both the medical assistant and driver went into the police station to make the report, leaving my dad, mum and younger brother waiting inside the ambulance.

Suddenly, my mum found that my dad showed no response. She touched his forehead and realised his forehead was becoming cold. She quickly asked my younger brother to call and seek help from the medical assistant, who then performed nearly 15 minutes of CPR on my dad, she wrote.

Unfortunately, her father did not make it and passed away around 11am.

Health Dept to probe ambulance refueling incident Borneo Post Online.


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