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SUPP happy most MPs from GPS retained minister, deputy minister posts in Cabinet

1 month ago, 28-Aug-2021

Tourism, Arts and Culture Assistant Minister Datuk Sebastian Ting

MIRI (Aug 28): Despite Sarawak United People’s Party (SUPP) deputy president Dato Sri Richard Riot not being appointed into the new cabinet, the party said they are happy most Gabungan Parti Sarawak (GPS) MPs have retained their previous minister and deputy minister posts.

SUPP secretary-general Datuk Sebastian Ting said that the party was happy to note most of the MPs from GPS retained their previous posts, including Dato Sri Fadillah Yusof continuing as Senior Minister under Prime Minister Dato Sri Ismail Sabri’s administration.

We are happy to note that most of the GPS MPs retain their previous minister and deputy minister posts, except for YB Datuk Seri Wan Junaidi who is being appointed to the new portfolio of Minister in Prime Ministers Department (Parliament and Law). Congratulations to all of them, said Ting in a press statement last night.

He noted that this is the second time that a Deputy Prime Minister has not been appointed by a new prime minister when forming his Cabinet.

Ting said that like most people, SUPP believes that the choice of deputy prime minister is a challenging one and not an easy decision with so many factors to be considered.

Our Prime Minister has his own reasons. It has not been easy for him.

That being said, let us be reminded that it is always the Prime Ministers prerogative to form his own Cabinet as he sees fit as they are the ones who are going to assist him in managing the country. Nothing in law that says he must have Deputy Prime Minister, said Ting.

He added that as far Sarawak is concerned, it is very important for Sarawak to continue having a strong presence of Sarawakian MPs in the Cabinet as well as a stable and clean government as this will ensure that Sarawak’s interests are well articulated, presented and thus protected in the new federal government.

We are indeed happy with, the reappointment of YB Dato’ Sri Nancy Shukri, our own Sarawakian as Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture. Her appointment is indeed wonderful for our Sarawak tourism sector.

Under the previous Prime Minister Tan Sri Muhyiddin, she has helped our tourism sector as much as she could as federal minister with many government initiatives and financial supports to help our tourism sector overcome the impact of Covid-19, he said.

With her reappointment, Ting said he is sure that she will continue to give her best for Sarawak.

With the new federal government, we hope to see the healing processes of our nation from the political turmoil and indeed we hope there is no more unnecessary politicking in future, so the new government can fully concentrate and focus on combating the Covid-19, improving peoples welfare and reviving the countrys economy to prepare for post Covid-19.

We are confident that the new federal government will continue to work closely with Sarawak government and will honour the Malaysia Agreement 1963 (MA63), the Inter-Governmental Committee (IGC) Report and all the Sarawaks rights enshrined in the Federal Constitution and State Constitution and Sarawak’s Ordinances, he said.

Ting, who is also the Assistant Minister of Tourism, Arts and Culture, said SUPP and the state government will also continue pursuing the return of education and health to be placed under Sarawak control as they are two important factors in ensuring and enhancing productivity and good health of our people.

More autonomy on these two ministries must be chartered out with the eventual return of such two ministries to Sarawak.

We believe the new government will continue to be sincere, transparent and genuine when discussions on the return on more autonomy to Sarawak are being held in the future.

This is very important to Sarawak and the people of Sarawak would expect the return of those rights which were eroded since the formation of Malaysia in 1963, he pointed out.

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