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Wee: Extend MCO if Covid-19 cases do not come down

0 month ago, 11-Jun-2021

Datuk Richard Wee

KUCHING (June 11): The current Movement Control Order (MCO) ought to be extended if the Covid-19 situation does not show any signs of improving, said Datuk Richard Wee.

In the last couple of weeks, the state has continued to record three-digit new Covid-19 cases daily, placing Sarawak among those with the most cases nationwide.

“Of course I wish that the curve for Covid-19 cases can be flattened and the MCO lifted so that society can return to a certain normality.

“However, if the pandemic situation continues to threaten the health and safety of the people, then MCO should continued to be extended,” Wee, who is Sarawak Federation of Chinese Associations president, said when contacted by The Borneo Post today.

He asserted that the government should consult professionals for their guidance and advice prior to making any decision.

While the government ought to make decisions based on science, the community at large must uphold self-discipline so that the pandemic situation does not worsen, he said.

“The people must elevate their awareness of the pandemic and give their cooperation to the authorities in controlling the overall situation.

“We must ensure that the imposition of the movement control and the lockdown in different areas would create the awareness of the seriousness of the virus and understanding among the people that it is for the good and interest of everyone in imposing these policies,” he added.

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