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Long distance medical couple to meet up soon

1 month ago, 29-Aug-2021

Hand out photos of the loving couple taken in Miri last year.

KUCHING (Aug 29): The pandemic and the ensuing travel restrictions have kept many couples apart since it struck, more so for medical frontliners working round the clock.

One such couple is a medical doctor serving at the peninsula while his spouse is serving in Sarawak.

Dr Iise Chew, 28, who is serving with the Covid team at a government hospital in Penang longs to see his Sarawakian wife, Dr Michelle Goh, also 28, serving in a government hospital here.

In the long distance marriage, the couple who will be marking their third wedding anniversary on Sept 3, last met face-to-face during their anniversary vacation in Miri last year.

The exhausted Dr Chew finally managed to get a month off the hard-pressed hospital frontline to spend some precious time with his wife.

AirAsia is sponsoring his flight tickets from Penang to Kuching on Sept 5 and returning Oct 3 after learning of the couples predicament.

However, a 14-day quarantine in a designated quarantine centre or hotel upon arrival in Kuching is mandatory.

The blogger-doctor was hoping for some leniency to the rule by serving quarantine in the home of his wifes family in Kuching so they could spend more time together.

“I just want to be reunited with my wife after an entire year of not seeing her. We are faithfully serving the nation at the frontline.

We are praying that Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) and the other relevant agencies would hear our plight and be lenient on the two-week quarantine as the both of us and our families are fully vaccinated,” said Dr Chew.

Unfortunately for the lovebirds, a quick check with SDMC confirmed that no exception or appeal on the mandatory quarantine can be made.

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