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Two new Covid-19 clusters involving longhouse, village declared in Sarawak

0 month ago, 24-Aug-2021

Bernama file photo shows an active case detection exercise.

KUCHING (Aug 24): Two new Covid-19 clusters, both of which are community clusters involving a longhouse and a village, have been declared in the state, said the Sarawak Disaster Management Committee (SDMC).

In its daily Covid-19 update, SDMC said that the longhouse cluster dubbed the Nanga Pelugau Cluster is in Selangau and so far, 59 individuals have been screened.

“A total of 24 individuals were found positive, including 20 new cases recorded today, involving 20 citizens and four non-citizens. All positive cases have been admitted to Sibu Hospital and the Sibu district quarantine and low-risk patients treatment centre (PKRC).

“Another 35 individuals screened from this cluster tested negative,” said the committee.

The village cluster dubbed the Plaman Bantang Cluster in Serian was detected among a few residents of Kampung Plaman Bantang, Jalan Mentung-Sangai.

SDMC said that a total of 95 individuals were screened, of which 53 were found positive, and all positive cases were admitted to the Sarawak General Hospital (SGH), Covid-19 Assessment Centre (CAC) in Serian and PKRC in Serian and Samarahan.

Meanwhile, the committee announced the end of the Lempaong Cluster in Betong after no new cases were reported from there in the last 28 days.

It was first announced on July 16, traced following a targeted screening at two longhouses located at Lempaong Spak in Betong. It had a cumulative total of 41 positive cases.

The state currently has 118 active clusters, with 21 reporting a total of 356 new Covid-19 cases for the day, including the new Nanga Pelugau Cluster.

The other clusters that new cases were Mas Sawai Cluster with 129 cases, Long Urun (49), Bungey 2 (47), Lubuk Bukut (33), Kampung Pulo Ulu (27), Kampung Matang Lot (16), Sungai Menok (7), Kampung Bintawa Tengah (7), Lorong Cahaya Damai (4), Kampung Muara Tebas 2 (4), Kampung Quop (2), Kampung Paya Mebi (2), Kampung Haji Baki (2), Kampung Senari (1), Kampung Paon Rimu (1), Mega Suai (1), Kampung Bintawa Hilir (1), Braang Payang (1), Lorong Temenggung Haji Gobil (1), and Kampung Lintang Baru (1).

The other 97 active clusters did not register new cases today.

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