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Committee out to ensure korban meat will reach target groups

0 month ago, 12-Aug-2019


Dr Annuar (standing front, sixth left) joins members of the Aidiladha work party in a photo-call at the PBB Pelawan premises.

SIBU: The Sibu Division Korban Committee has streamlined its distribution of korban (sacrificial) meat for Hari Raya Aidiladha to ensure that none of the deserving recipients would be left out.

In this respect, Assistant Minister of Education and Technological Research Dr Annuar Rapaee said teams from the committee would go door-to-door to distribute the korban meat.

He was met at the Parti Pesaka Bumiputera Bersatu (PBB) Pelawan premises at Jalan Bandong here yesterday, which served as the preparation and distribution centre of the korban meat.

According to Dr Annuar, who is also Assistant Minister of Housing and Public Health, 24 head of cattle were slaughtered for the Hari Raya Aidiladha event here.

The 24 head of cattle were contributed by Nangka Constituency Service Centre and also by some generous individuals, to be distributed to all the mosques and suraus.

And from there, each of this place would deliver 30kg of korban meat to the collection centre here (PBB Pelawan premises) for distribution to the needy folk in Sibu, as per the lists provided by the JKKKs (village security and development committees), he told reporters here, adding that the number of the korban meat recipients in Sibu for this year is 707 people.

We have the Sibu Division Korban Committee to organise this event and for this reason, we do not encourage the individual surau or mosque (committee) to distribute (korban meat) to the needy folk.

This is because we have teams to carry out door-to-door delivery, explained Dr Annuar, who is Nangka assemblyman.

Nevertheless, Dr Annuar acknowledged that there were also generous individuals who contributed and distributed the korban meat on their own initiative.

Committee out to ensure korban meat will reach target groups Borneo Post Online.

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