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Charred remains recovered from Kuala Penyu car crash

0 month ago, 13-Jan-2019

Firemen removing Dhyanchands remains from the burnt vehicle.

KOTA KINABALU: The charred remains of a man was recovered from a vehicle that caught on fire after crashing in Kampung Janang in Kuala Penyu Sunday morning.

Beaufort District Police DSP Azmir Abd Razak said the deceased was identified as Dhyanchand Christopher Devaraj,55, an Indian national.

Investigations into the fatal vehicular accident which occured at about 2.30am revealed that the driver was travelling from Kampung Janang and headed for Kuala Penyu town.

It is believed that as the car wad descending a steep hill, its right tyre burst causing Dhyanchand to lose control of the vehicle and it crashed into the hill slope. As the drivers door was stuck, it was believed that Dhyanchand had tried to get out from the left side but did not make it as the car exploded into flames, Azmir disclosed.

As a result, Dhyanchands charred remains was found on the passenger side of the vehicle, he said and added that the case is investigated under Section 41 (1) of the Road Transport Act 1987.


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