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Channel complaints, feedback to Pan Borneo Highway Facebook page Fadillah

34 month ago, 31-Jan-2018

Fadillah (second right) greeting participants of the roundtable discussion. – Photo by Muhammad Rais Sanusi

KUCHING: The Ministry of Works has set up a Pan Borneo Highway Facebook page to provide a channel for the public to voice their complaints or feedback concerning roads under the Pan Borneo Highway project.

Works Minister Datuk Seri Fadillah Yusof said in addition to himself, the projects communication team, consultants as well as contractors will also serve as partners in the Facebook page to ensure that immediate action can be taken upon receiving the complaints.

I hope that members of the public who wish to complain concerning problems on roads under the Pan Borneo Highway to share their views on this Facebook page and not via other pages or websites because it is ineffective and the problems will not be solved, he told a press conference after chairing a roundtable discussion on the development and upgrading of the proposed Pan Borneo Highway at a leading hotel here yesterday.

According to him, action to be taken based upon the complaints posted on the Facebook page will be addressed using his ministrys standard operating procedures (SOP) where response will be given two hours after the complaint has been received.

Nevertheless, he pointed out that the action will also be based on the type of complaints; for instance, a complaint concerning potholes will be immediately addressed in the next 24 hours.

For complaints involving the failure of road structure, this will take a longer period to address because it involves high cost.

On the other hand, Fadillah said his ministry will not compromise with any contractors who have failed to implement the Traffic Management Programme in road work packages that are under their responsibility.

All contractors are required to improve their Traffic Management Programme where the signs must be clear, the reflectors must be placed at the designated spots, and more blinkers to be placed along the road for the safety and comfort of road users particularly at night.

The Petra Jaya MP also stressed that he will continue to conduct spot checks where he will personally go down to the project sites without informing neither the contractors nor the media to ensure that all matters are complied with.

If I were to find that the contractor did not comply with the regulation, today is the last warning from my minister after which we will be taking action by appointing a third-party contractor to ensure that there is compliance to the Traffic Management Programme including maintenance works.

Apart from that, we will also deduct from the value of the contract that has been given to the contractor concerned, he emphasised.

At the same time, Fadillah also advised road users to drive carefully when driving along roads that are under construction for the Pan Borneo Highway.

Please comply with the signs and speed limit that have been set up at certain areas to avoid unforeseen circumstances.

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