7 New Inventions In 2018 That Will BLOW Your Mind

by Edisi Viral

HOME Posted on 13 Feb 2018 13:07:11

7 New Inventions In 2018 That Will BLOW Your Mind-Top New Tech Inventions in 2018--We're kicking off the new year with this list of awesome and amazing new tech inventions in 2018 that will totally blow your mind!--CTRL Eyewear-http://www.ctrl-eyewear.com/about-us/-THE REVOLUTION IN THE EYEWEAR EVOLUTION-CTRL Eyewear is a new brand of smart wearables aiming to change the landscape of the wearables industry. CTRL Eyewear is specifically founded to create the consumer version of innovative eyewear created for the U.S. Special Forces.--Rakin Outdoor Blanket-http://en.radiancelab.com/-Proudly introducing the first-ever heated blanket powered by any type of 5V USB battery pack!--KNZ GoDuo-https://www.knztech.com/-Powered by the latest Bluetooth technology, KNZ GoDuo speakers are easy to adjust for an optimal audio experience and ultimate convenience. The spatially separated left and right channels boost the delivery of real stereo effects. Powerful sound. Magnetic connectable base. True wireless Bluetooth stereo. Water & shock resistant. Built-in microphone. Support Siri.--iota GPS Tracker-http://www.iotatracker.com/-The smallest, longest-lasting GPS tracker in the world. But it does WAY more, and all on a new nationwide network with no monthly fees.--Rayo - The Ultimate Bicycle Tail-Light-http://www.hauteworks.com/-Get ready for an enhanced riding experience with the world-s brightest and most advanced tail-light.--KKA S1 - Land Surf _ Ski Mobility Skateboard-https://kkas1.com/-More than a skateboard, experience KKA S1 the adventure that gives you the feel of surfing and skiing while skateboarding.--PiCO- The World-s Tiniest Air Quality Monitor-https://igg.me/at/picodevice/x-Instant air quality updates empower you to make healthy choices and help your family breathe easy.--Follow me on social media-Google Plus https://plus.google.com/+FutureHD1-Twitter https://twitter.com/FHDtech--Check my blog-Blogger https://futurehdtech.blogspot.com--Leave a LIKE, Comment, Share & Subscribe http://www.youtube.com/c/FutureHD1--Subscribe to Future HD for more tech inventions, innovations, DIY inventions, homemade things, life hacks, futuristic technologies, things you won't believe exist, and much more.

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