Tanjong Datu by-election: Voters share collective sense of duty on polling day

Priscilla Linang
Ranum Mina (right) with political secretary to the chief minister John David Nyauh.
Mohammad Iskandar Seruji

LUNDU: Voters made their way back to their hometown of Lundu, citing a sense of obligation and duty to cast their votes for the Tanjong Dato by-election today.

An Iban from Lundu, Priscilla Linang, who has lived for over a decade in Kuching said that voting went beyond just an obligation for her as she is looking forward to more development in the district.

“I have been coming back here for the every state election. As for this by-election, I hope that Datuk Jamilah (Datin Patinggi Datuk Amar Jamilah Anu) can carry on what the late Tok Nan (Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem) has been fighting for all these years and carry on his legacy.

“I hope that his work will be continued through her for the improvement and betterment of the local community through development projects and provide more job opportunities,” said the 49-year-old bank executive when met at SJKC Chung Hua Lundu today.

“After I came to know about the by-election through the news, I decided that rain or shine, I would make my way back to vote.

“I also regard this as the least that I can do for our late Tok Nan as a sign of love and respect for his great work and what he did for Sarawak,” she added.

Priscilla also pointed out that her family is close to Datuk Jamilah.

“My late father Larry Linang, who passed away in November last year, was a very close friend of the late Tok Nan. During his early years, we used to campaign together with him and his wife. I feel the closeness is there with her family.”

As for Mohammad Iskandar Seruji from Kampung Dagang here, the by-election is a platform to showcase the unity of the local community in Lundu.

“The community has seen tremendous improvement over the years, thanks to the late Tok Nan who had emphasised strong unity among us, regardless of our social backgrounds.

Mohammad Iskandar hopes that the political legacy of the late Tok Nan will be carried out well by his widow.

“The former Chief Minister had brought along lots of development in the district of Lundu, especially its infrastructure.

“I am here to vote as I wish to see more development and for his legacy to continue in the years to come,” said the 38-year-old clerk.

According to Opar assemblyman Datuk Ranum Mina, the turnout of voters for the by-election has been really positive.

“Although I may not know the mentality of some – different people vote for different parties – it seems that this by-election went beyond votes for Barisan Nasional, and more towards sentiment for our late Chief Minister Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Adenan Satem,” said Ranum when met at SK Pueh polling centre.

“I am pleased with the response for the by-election today as the turnout was very good here,” he added.