Review: AMD FX 8370 With Wraith Cooler – Still the Same, Yet Different Processor

Full disclosure – the AMD FX 8370 has been in the market for a while now, since 2014 to be exact. Even so, AMD managed to create a new reason for PC enthusiasts to purchase this high performing APU. Simply put, it added on a high-spec cooler to spice things up while keeping the heat down.

Indeed, the AMD FX 8370 APU now comes with an all new high performance cooler. Now here’s the best part – there is no need to pay extras. No, this isn’t a trick as the pairing will be selling at the same price point, just as before!

Would the new cooler be a good enough reason to get an AMD FX 8370? Well let’s find out!

Cool Story Brah!

The new APU cooling system has an awesome name – the AMD Wraith Cooler. To signify this big change, it comes in an awesome rebranded packaging too.

AMD-FX-Wraith-Cooler-Review-000 AMD-FX-Wraith-Cooler-Review-001AMD-FX-Wraith-Cooler-Review-002

As always, there is a place for descriptors for boxes in reviews. The one I wrote for the the AMD FX 8370 with the AMD Wraith Cooler is pretty straightforward – it comes in a large black and orange package. As with all AMD packages, the APU can be seen from a cut out window on the side of the black cube. Subtly emblazoned on the box is the silhouette of the cooling unit stored within. Now this is cool as the artwork flows around on side and front of package.

AMD-FX-Wraith-Cooler-Review-014 AMD-FX-Wraith-Cooler-Review-015

The picture above shows a size comparison of the package with a normal AMD FX APU – with the AMD FX 9370 box being a proper representation. As shown, it is easy to tell that while the height for both are similar, the AMD FX 8370 container is now 3x as wide as its counterpart.

Opening Moment

The package opens from the top and immediately reveals the AMD sticker that is parked on the top of the cooling block. The second package, which sits at the left side within, contains the AMD FX 8370.

AMD-FX-Wraith-Cooler-Review-004 AMD-FX-Wraith-Cooler-Review-005

Here it is – the AMD Wraith Cooler! Just by general inspection, it is to tell that the cooler feels hefty, properly reflecting its large dimensions. If anything, it is definitely larger than AMD’s normal stock coolers. Obviously, if compared to the third party cooling blocks that are available in the market, it is still smaller by many counts.



This new cooler weighs in at 455g and measures around 8cm in height while the pipes are 18cm in length – from one end to the other. Interestingly, AMD opted to use four heat transfer pipes, two at each side with each measuring around 6mm in diameter. Personally, that is what makes the AMD Wraith Cooler operate efficiently as the heat transfer during operations are dealt with swiftly.

Upon closer inspection, I realised that the heatsink fins are literally split into two halves at the middle. AMD used this design to specifically allow the motherboard clip mechanism to go pass through. Thus, this augmented cooler can be used on any board that use the AMD clip system. In short, all FM2 and AM2 variant motherboards are able to work the AMD Wraith Cooler. For convenience sake, a nice evenly applied heatsink paste is already present on the processor connecting plate.


Time to Light Up!

It might be a bit hard to see but this cooler system has an etched AMD logo on its the side. Beyond being subtly cool, the real reason behind this – it’s a design aspect that can light up when the fan system is turned on! While this is a cool addition – and I mean it when I say so – the location of this logo is not really what conveniently placed since it’s pretty hard to locate.


As can be seen here, once the AMD Wraith Cooler is installed onto the motherboard, the LED backlit logo will end up being park in a position that is considered as the hardest to spot in the PC. As shown in the picture above, I had to use an extreme angle to snap this picture. Personally, AMD should have placed this cool logo concept on top of the cooler instead so that users can see it light up within a windowed casing.


Since this is just backlighting, this cool logo design does not need any extra power to turn on. In fact, it just draws directly from the four-pin PWM header.


When placed on the motherboard, I felt that the size of the AMD Wraith Cooler is not well thought out since it feels like it parks a little too close to the RAM slot. Word of advice, be careful during installation, especially if the performance RAM being used has its own cooling shroud. The accompanying picture above shows how the AMD cooling block just barely got out of the way for the RAM used in this review.

Data Performance Tests


Temp 1: Idle


Temp 2: Mild Load


Temp 3: Full Load

Based on the AMD Wraith Cooler performance read out, it runs very well even when on full load. During idle, I managed to push it to around 20-degrees Celsius. When I put some strain on the processor, the temperature shot up to a pretty toasty 50-degrees Celsius. As for the full load, heat measurements on processor reached around 70- to 75-degrees Celsius.

Just so it can prove itself as a proper cooling block with lots of potential, before I could get to screenshot these temperature readings, the AMD Wraith Cooler quickly forced the heat down to optimal climates. If anything, this is how good this highly optimised cooler from AMD can be. What is more amazing still is how AMD is giving this away to all its users for free.

Now, I’m sure some readers are wondering how the AMD FX 8370 processor performed with the AMD Wraith Cooler. In the excitement of running with this new cooler, I completely forgot to snapsotthe performance benchmarks that prove that this pairing gives a huge boost to one of AMD’s top-end APUs. Due to the reliable heat management of this new cooling block, it’s without any doubt that the updated combo performs better. On heavy loads, the processor does not appear to experience any lagging slowdowns or jitters that are known to show when the heat spikes up.

When running videogames that need heavy resources or rendering short videos on Adobe CC Premiere, the slight pauses that the AMD FX 8370 processor usually experiences when temperatures are raised have been practically reduced to almost zero. Now that, personally, is a proper showcase of how proper heat management, when done right, can boost overall delivery of the processor. Even when running on full tilt for some hours, the AMD APU shows no sign of slowing down or heating issues since the AMD Wraith Cooler made sure most of the generated high temperatures are quickly pushed down to manageable levels.

Overall performance benchmark details will be up as soon as I process the ratings tests in the coming days. Thus, do check back to see how well the dated AMD APU performs when jacked onto the brand new AMD Wraith Cooler.

Final Thoughts

The AMD Wraith Cooler, by all means, is an awesome addition to an already widely known high-spec processor. While only this particular combo with the FX 8370 is on sale for now, here is to hoping that AMD would bundle this cooler with its other processors as well. Those who have yet to get a processor, and know for a fact that an AMD FX APU is their primary poison, then it’s certainly an appropriate time to get one AMD FX 8370 that comes paired with the just as impactful AMD Wraith Cooler!



Value: 3.5/5

Design: 3.5/5

Performance: 4.5/5

Experience: 4.5/5

Total Score: 4/5

Verdict: AMD did right with its own optimised cooling block. Now all it needs to do is tweak the flaws and the AMD Wraith Cooler will be the perfect go-to system for most PC modders.